Friday, September 2, 2016

Thoughts of a Startup Beauty Blogger

It's no secret, I am a beginner in the world of beauty blogging, and I'm still learning about everything. I started out doing this as a hobby (who am I kidding? It's still more of a hobby than a "job" or "career.") Everything I have, I have purchased myself, using my own money (well.... My husband's but that's beside the point. 😂 ) 

I've never pushed to try to collaborate with anyone, or try to get PR from any companies. I started an Instagram this summer, and really enjoy interacting on that platform, and the ability to use tags to get more visibility. 

Recently I have started testing the waters of PR and being a product tester/reviewer. Now, I haven't received anything yet, but if or when I do, I will be up front and forthcoming about it. My reviews will be honest and unbiased.

I feel that honest reviews are the only way a company or brand can better meet the needs of its customer base, and I feel that it is very important to remain professional while reviewing a product. There are companies and brands out there that I don't care for, so as of right now, I'm not sure how I will approach things if I am offered or sent product from those companies. Any review I do will be based on the product itself, and not my feelings or opinions about the brand, or who represents them. I will do my very best to remain objective, and not let my personal opinions sway my professional opinions and reviews.

Anyway, just some of my thoughts on receiving PR and being a product tester or reviewer. I will leave you with one final thought, and a picture.... 

One can never have too many eyeshadow palettes!!!! 😉😉😉

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